The meaning of (だけ / だけあった / だけに / だけの). [自分]

My friend ask me questions.
Especially section B and C.
My answer is as follows,

完全マスター2級 日本語能力試験文法問題対策

完全マスター2級 日本語能力試験文法問題対策

  • 作者: アジア学生文化協会留学生日本語コース
  • 出版社/メーカー: スリーエーネットワーク
  • 発売日: 1997/06
  • メディア: ペーパーバック

P.75 #120 (だけ / だけあった / だけに / だけの)

Section A 意味:~にふさわしく 接続:[動・い形・な形・名]の名詞修飾型+だけ     <ただし[名‐の]の[の]はつかない。>

It means "because", "as", "as many as", "as much as", "right", "adequate", "logical" and so on.

A-1. この仕事は努力しただけ成果が現れるので、やりがいがある。
(This work is worthwhile, because the result respond your effort.)

A-2. この大学は歴史が長いだけあって伝統がある。
   (This college has the adequate tradition that has the long history.)

Section B 意味:~だから一層 接続:Aと同じ

When using “~だけに”, there is a passion , a fever (or something like that) of the speaker or the subject of the sentence.

In many cases, there is a reason why the speaker or the subject has the passion or the fever in the sentence.
However in some case, there is not written a a written reason, but the reader or the listener can understand or guess from former sentences or the situation.

B-1. 今日の試合は優勝がかかっているだけに大勢のファンが詰めかけ熱烈な応援をしていた。
The passion of the reasonThe reason for the passion is “今日の試合は優勝がかかっている (If a team winwins the game, the team will be No.1) ”,
so “大勢のファンが詰めかけ熱烈な応援をしていた。(There are a lot of fan to fans that go to the game and to root for their team.)”

B-2. 昨年はみかんが不作で、値段が高かっただけに今年の豊作がうれしい。
The passion of the reasonreason for the passion is “昨年はみかんが不作で、値段が高かった (There werewas an orange failure and so the price of them was high last year.)”,
so “今年の豊作がうれしい。 (We are happy for the abundant crop this year.)”

Section C 意味:~の限度まですべて<「~だけ」「~だけの」が使われる> 接続:[動・い形・な形]の名詞修飾型+だけ

When using “~だけ”, it means the limit"the limit".

C-2 ほしいだけ本が買えたらどんなにいいだろう。
C-3 ふだんは忙しくて寝る時間も十分ないので、休みの日は好きなだけ寝ています。

C-2, “ほしいだけ” means “as many as I want or I wish”. C-3, “好きなだけ” means “as much as I want or I wish”

C-2 “ほしいだけ本が買えたらどんなにいいだろう。”, means “I want to buy as many books as I wish (to buy).“
But thisthese example is not so good.
I think itthis is better “欲しい分だけ本が買えたら、どんなに良いだろう。”,
because we misunderstand “欲しい本だけ買えたらどんなに良いだろう
(I want to buy the onlyonly buy books I want, (but I have to buy the whole collection.) or (but I have to buy the combo booksbook combo.)”

C-3 “ふだんは忙しくて寝る時間も十分ないので、休みの日は好きなだけ寝ています。” means
“As I don’t have enough time because ofI am so busy (on weekday), I take a sleep as much as I want on holidaymy day off.”
If you want to learn these meanings, I recommend you to make some sentences.

Thank you.
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