How to use "Mr.", "Dr.", "Mrs.", "Miss" and "Ms." [英語]

My English native teacher in America teaches me how to use "Mr.", "Dr.", "Mrs.", "Miss" and "Ms." as follows,

Mr. --> normal title for a man..

Dr. --> title for someone (man or woman) with a PhD.

Mrs. --> title for a woman (woman is married).
Miss --> title for a woman (woman is not married).
Ms. --> title for a woman (marital status is unknown).

"Ms." Always use this. It is considered the most polite title for a woman.
Whether a woman is married, or not, is private information.

"Miss" could be used for very young girls. If you write a letter to an elementary
school, or middle school, girl, "Miss" is ok and sounds cute.

"Mrs." No one uses this anymore because women often get married and divorced. So,
if your client changes from "Mrs." to "Miss" then you know she got a divorce.

This is impolite. Always use "Ms."

"Dr." If you know that a person has a PhD, use "Dr." Some people might get offended if
you forget to use "Dr." Other people do not care.
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